Dorothy's Cat Sanctuary

Dorothy’s Cat Sanctuary is a no-kill feline rescue located in River Bourgeois, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We run a non profit shelter for abandoned/stray cats as well as a spay/neuter assistance program for low income individuals who require financial assistance to have their dog or cat spayed or neutered. Dorothy’s Cat Sanctuary was established in April 2007 and to date has assisted in the rescue of 82 cats/kittens.

Our shelter and spay/neuter assistance program is funded largely by donations from individuals and businesses in Richmond County (and surrounding areas), as well we hold various fundraisers to assist with the costs to run the shelter and to continue offering the spay/neuter assistance program.

We are registered with the Registry of Joint Stock. The cats are provided with clean housing, have access to water and dry food at all times and are checked on by volunteers multiple times per day.


Upcoming Events, Fundraisers & News

Flea Market


We will be holding a Flea Market at the Seniors Building in River Bourgeous, on Saturday, April 22, from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Lotto 10/49


We will teaming up with Carma in the lotto 10/49, with a guaranteed winning of no less than $500. To find out more about the lotto or how to purchase tickets, please visit our Facebook page.

Clothing Donations


If anyone has any good, used clothing that they want to donate, there is an account set up at Cathy's Consignment in our name. You may drop them off and simply say that any proceeds from the sale of the items is to go to our account - Dorothy's Cat Sanctuary.

2017 Calendars


2017 calendars now available! All proceeds go directly into running out shelter. For more information, contact Donna Landry at (902) 535-3171 or visit our Facebook page.